Xperio Part 5: Try It! Fortnight

Try It! Fortnight
It’s about challenging yourself to try something different

Try It! Fortnight is probably one of the most exciting offerings that makes Xperio the best fitness club member experience programme on this planet!

It’s a chance for members to try something new and different that they may not have even considered before. It’s the perfect programme for those that may be feeling bored or demotivated.

Try It! Fortnight Is an opportunity to learn how to use new equipment. Perhaps there are some fitness machines before that have seemed all a bit daunting to them.

Xperio’s Try It! Fortnight will provide your members with fun, effective and scientifically proven ways to improve their health, change their shape and make them feel great about themselves!

Do you ever wonder if this is what some of your members may be thinking?

“I wish I could use those kettle bells, but how do I use them effectively”

“That machine over there looks amazing, but I think I’m going to look a bit stupid on it”

“I’m going on holiday soon, and I’m embarrassed about all this cellulite, what can I do?”

“I wish I had more energy. I really want to try something new”

“Everything is same old; I’m bored of this.”

The variety of these programmes is aimed at making your members:

  • Feel motivated
  • Learn new skills
  • Get rid of belly fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Remove Cellulite
  • Feel more energized

Try It! Fortnight is so unique, and tailored to your member’s needs, that it could even see them wanting to join a new class or programme offered in your gym, all from you introducing them to something fresh and exciting. From here, they’ll also potentially recommend their friends, brilliant!

What better time is there than right now to shape up for Summer?

In my next blog, I’ll be talking about setting up PT fortnights in your fitness club, another successful campaign brought to you by Xperio that your members will absolutely love!

If you want to make your fitness club “remarkable” like so many others have done, book in a short online demo to find out more about how Xperio can change your club for the better.

Come and join the Xperio family, you won’t regret it!

Book a slot in by 1st July and you’ll qualify for some special bonuses!


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