Xperio Part 6: Running A PT Fortnight Campaign

PT Fortnights are a great way to keep your members engaged

Member retention is just as important as attracting new members to your club.

Keeping them engaged and offering something new and different than just basic facilities will keep them invested and help the spread the good word to their friends about what you’re doing, to show you care.

We recommend running this programme for your members. This can be done on a fortnightly basis for example. The  Personal Training Open Fortnight is basically a chance for your members to book a FREE session with your instructors during the specified times.

Here is why this is a good idea:

  1. It will please your members

Getting support and training with your team for nothing is an attractive proposition.

  1. Your trainers will be happy

This is a great way of widening their potential client base, by developing relationships with your customer base.

  • You can make more money

If you employ your instructors on an income share basis, the potential is there to greatly expand your profits from a busier personal training scene at your club.

Sounds great, so how do we promote it…

The best way to do this is to create a landing page which can be promoted to members through Emails, SMS, Facebook adverts. From here, they’ll get the chance to register their interest in the campaign.

You would have your own data capture system in place where you could see who and when a member registered for the campaign.

You can them follow up on the members interested by contacting them through email or phone to arrange for them to book in for their offer.

As well as online, you should also be looking to promote an offer like this through offline marketing as well. This can be done with posters and banners to hang up in the club during the dates the campaign is running.

So, there you have it, an engaging offer aimed at your members that helps boost member retention and spreads the word that your club is different.

If you want to make your fitness club “remarkable” like so many others have done, book in a short online demo to find out more about how Xperio can change your club for the better.

Come and join the Xperio family, you won’t regret it!

Book a slot in by 1st July and you’ll qualify for some special bonuses!


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