Online Lead Generation Programme for the Health & Fitness Sector
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Fit Digital: the super-profitable turnkey online marketing system - GUARANTEED!

Imagine all the qualified leads you could possibly need – without you lifting a finger!

Simply put, Fit Digital makes profits for your club, or you simply DON'T PAY.

 It's a programme of 25+ unique and distinct promotions, individually crafted, branded for you, delivered and ready to perform:

• Lead Magnets

• Prospecting promos

• Slow-joiner follow-ups

• Fitness At Home engagement schemes

• New-member referrals

• Corporate schemes

• Ongoing referral campaigns

• Quarterly online newsletters

• Ex-member reactivation schemes

• Managed Facebook advertising

• Secondary-spend promos

• New Member newsletter

• Member and guest events

• Personal training promos

• Member retention schemes

• Google pay-per-click campaigns

• Email marketing

• Blogging

• Tweets

• Facebook posts

We'll design, supply, support and maintain all this good stuff for

just one amazing-value monthly management fee.

... and don't forget our double-whammy promise to you:

NO lengthy contract of hire – 90 days will do us

• Unconditional 60-day money back guarantee on all starter clubs

Sounds too good to be true?



The only downside is that the intensity of preparation limits us to starting only a few clubs at a time.


Also, we only take         ONE club         in any given geographical catchment area.



Will YOUR club be in the frame next month?


Don't delay. Contact us ahead of your competition. We'll discuss a programme that suits you and see if we can reserve one of the available spots in your area. We can then discuss this year's possible start times.


Whatever your price point, let's really push your club to the Big Lebowski's out there – and keep it filled with high-kicking, big-spending punters. Then we can get the digital marketing and retention work off your bucket list and filed happily away in the 'job-done' folder.

What Our Clients Say

Great Service, I'm really impressed!

Momentum has improved our services more and more with every month.

The combination of unique landing pages and emails campaigns, in addition to the speed with which the team turn things around works really well for leads.


Robbie Hunter
Marketing Manager


It has been a great month.

We have over 50 enquiries for new memberships which we would have not had if the Fit Digital system was not in place. What we love about it - It's a lot more easier with Fit Digital, the programme just give you the technology and the right set of people and the prospect just fly…



Lee Addy
Sales and Membership Manager


Fit Digital is amazing.

It just gets the message out to people. People have started calling us more just because we have a specially designed programme for a season. The Facebook ads are quite attractive and apparently the team targets the right people. We can now track the source of the leads.


Majid Alamgir

Club Manager


Thanks for all your efforts last month!

I really appreciated the quick turn around on the campaigns and how amazing they looked.

We smashed the targets to bits!


Simon Bradbrook
Club Manager




Every part of Fit Digital is good.

Landing pages give a very structured, organised way of delivering information, straight to the point - very nice. Group exercise camping return the investment in 3 days we are going over 500% ROI so far this month, well done guys


Roberton Neiman

Assistant Manager


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Imagine all the qualified leads you could possibly need – without you lifting a finger!