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The video package is focused on your:


1. Prospects  > sell more memberships


2. Group Exercise Programmes > retain your members longer


3. Learn to swim > educate your members on healthy lifestyle


4. Membership services  > keep them motivated




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Online Video is vital for your business: You tube is the most widely used search engine. TV advertising is the most influential media. If you are in the Fitness Club industry Video is something you must be embracing in 2015. It’s your chance to tell your story. Whatever is your price point it allows you to get across the USP’s (unique selling points) the vital differences between you and the competition

Just 5 of the crucial facts about online video

1.  A website with a video will engage an average visitor up 2 minutes more than others

An average visitor on a website

5 crucial facts about online Video

An average visitor on a website with an online video

2.  53% to get better listing from Google

3. The second most shared content in social media is online video

4.  On Youtube there is over 6 billion hours of video watched every month

Roughly 1 in 2 (52.5% of) B2B marketers expect to increase their marketing budgets this year, per results from Advertising Age’s 2014 BtoB Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans survey.

*CRN  and Forbes statistics

5.  Area No.1 where marketers plan to increase investment*



Why Video is powerful in sales?

Let’s see what a Psychology and Brain Scientist, Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. in Psychology and Brain science also know as "The Brain Lady"  in  finds about the matter:

•  Part of the brain called 'The Fusiform Facial area' makes us pay attention to faces.

It is programmed to remember and recognise faces and captures your attention for longer period. Furthermore, that part of the brain is connected with some emotional areas of the brain, so everyone who is watching perceive the information on the emotional level.


•  Voice conveys rich information – the human voice has an amazing impact on us just by it's own.

The tone of voice will contribute to the emotions which you would like to pass to your members.

•  Emotions are catching  – The online video message conveys emotions which are easily perceived and passed over the watcher.

The easiest method to pass emotions such as excitement, passion and warmth to your customers is through online video


•  Action grabs attention – Movement grabs your attention even if the actual movement is far from the centre of your attention

Since the hunter’s era we are used to look moving objects. There is certain brain of sight which are always sensitive to movement. Static picture cannot have the same impact as animation or moving objects.


Sample selection of our previous productions

“Thanks to Momentum for helping us to produce our Feel Good Fitness videos. We were very pleased with the end result and would recommend their video production team."

Louise Acres

Marketing and Support Officer

Sports and Fitness


London Borough of

Richmond upon Thames

"Just to say that the whole experience of the video shoot, the production and the voice over was great, and we think the end result is excellent.


An excellent product which will enhance the way we are able to introduce new customers to One Leisure."

Brian Gray

Business Development Manager


Huntingdonshire District Council | One Leisure

" The filming went excellent.

All videos are great!"

Michael Hurucum


Impulse Leisure Manager


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