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Momentum is a TRUSTED ADVISOR to fitness business owners across the world on sales, marketing, internet advertising, retention strategies, and member experience programmes.


For over a decade Momentum has shown fitness owners and managers how to win more, keep more and upsell customers using advanced sales and  marketing tactics, systemised advertising, premium pricing models and cutting edge internet strategies.

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What industry people say about us...

Robert Swain,
Managing Director,
Gravesham Community Leisure Limited.


'GCLL has been working with Momentum for 12 months now and the positive affect their involvement has had on our business has been fantastic. For example Membership Sales have increased by 22% even in this time of hardship, the Promotion offered by Momentum have the desired affect Refer a Friend accounts for 18% of new sales, the Sales Training is second to none and provides a highly motivated and directed Sales Team'.
'It is about trusting the advice and support Momentum offer to you and recognising that the journey is not a short term fix. If any organisation can commit to this they will reap the benefits - not only financially but emotionally too'
'We at GCLL are only half way where we, and I say we because Momentum treat this as a true partnership, need to be. The journey is not just about membership sales, it focuses on the Fitness Service Plan and the attrition of members, the vast array of marketing techniques and use of sound IT systems, the presentation and development of facilities and equipment and just as an important Momentum are great sounding boards for us Senior Managers'.
'It is not often that I say this, but GCLL wouldn't be where it is today without the support of Momentum and I can only encourage others to join the gang'.
fitness indusrty testimonials
Paul Felgate
General Manager
The Holbrook Club
The Holbrook Club has been part of Horsham for nearly 50 years and has been operating as an independent not for profit organisation since 2003.
Since coming on board with the club Momentum Business Development have played a significant role in redefining how the Holbrook Club chooses to treat all current and prospective members.
By working with our team and providing constant support and counsel, Duncan and all at Momentum have helped to modernise how the club goes about its business and how to best maximise the unique product we have here.
For an independent small operation, such as the Holbrook Club, the opportunities Momentum provide mean we can get our hands on the kinds of support major leisure operators take for granted. We fully intend to maintain a working relationship with Momentum so that when we are able to, we can work together to take the club to the next level of operation.


Gemma Bonnet
Brand Manager
Six months later the system is working well and everyone understands their role and expectations, the training days that were delivered, encouraged the team to refocus and not be scared of sales and helped promote the soft sales system that we were keen to find.
Both tangible and intangible benefits have been brought by the system and training that was delivered.
I would be happy to recommend Momentum and the team of expert support to anyone.
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